Top-5 Marketing Mistakes on Instagram to Avoid In 2020

We are constantly being told what to do in order to grow on Instagram. We know a lot about various hacking methods, but nobody is talking about the things we could be doing that are actually damaging the account.
That’s the topic of my post.

I’m sharing 5 biggest Instagram mistakes that might be stopping you from growing.
Want to know anything about them and avoid them in the future? Then keep on reading.

The most common Instagram Marketing Mistakes that are stopping You From Growing

Instagram Mistake #1: Posting inconsistently
The first mistake we make on Instagram is not posting consistently (frankly speaking, I am making this mistake too).
You can spend a few days or weeks without posting anything. I totally understand life is crazy and busy and then the last thing you want to do is create some content for Instagram.
BUT if you want to promote your account and see real progress, it is necessary to be consistent.

I advise you:
• to explore your Instagram insights to reveal what days and the time your followers are most active, based on those analytics create a posting schedule (and follow it)
• to take and edit pictures on the spot. Create a folder on your phone with all your photos that are ready to be posted
• to plan the feed in advance
• to use an Instagram scheduling tool. It helps you to stay organized. I do love this one as it allows me to schedule, both, posts and stories, it also has a smart calendar that informs me about the best times to post something.

Instagram Mistake #2: Not engaging with other people
The second mistake I see Instagram users make is not engaging with other people. Pay attention, Instagram is a SOCIAL media, meaning you have to be social. You can’t expect people to follow you and engage with your content if you don’t do the same. You get what you give; therefore, you need to give. Give your time, give likes, give follows.

What to do to avoid this mistake:
• spend at least 10 minutes each day on liking/commenting on pictures in your home feed
• spend some time engaging with people in your niche (find like-minded people through hashtags)
• respond to comments under your posts and start a conversation with your followers (a great way to do this is by asking a question in your caption or on your stories)

Instagram Mistake #3: Posting low-quality photos

This Instagram mistake is obvious, but I have to mention it. I always talk about how important it is to select the right hashtags and engage with other people to grow on Instagram, but those things are only an addition to having high-quality content. Instagram is a visual platform, and the main reason people will follow you is your content. Creating unique content is the first step of growing your account and getting followers.

How to stop making this Instagram mistake:
• take your pictures during the day (sunrise and sunset are the best times)
• avoid taking pictures after sunset as they won’t turn out as sharp and clear
• don’t take photos in direct sunlight
• natural light is the best (if you’re taking pictures inside, take them in front of a window)

Instagram Mistake #4: Not checking your grammar
Typos are a part of internet life. Even most experienced authors sometimes still make mistakes and misspellings.
But a little typo or a grammar error can make a relatively polished post look careless and unprofessional. So implement a quick proofread into your social posting process, and get a second set of eyes on your posts before they go online so you don’t look silly.

Instagram Mistake #5: Using hashtags that are too broad
One of the common mistakes people make on Instagram is using hashtags like #lifestyle or #food that are too popular and too broad. What does it mean?

Let’s take a look at #food. At the moment of writing this post, there are 864m posts under this hashtag. All the top posts have over 2k likes and have been posted less than an hour ago. The chances of your photo to appear in the top posts are close to none. And not only that, half of them aren’t even food-related. There are selfies, animals, even nature.

I explain you all this to help you understand that using this hashtag won’t do anything for you, your post will get lost in a bunch of other photos. That’s why it’s so important to use less popular hashtags where your post has a chance to show up in the top tab so more people see it. The more people see it, the more engagement and followers.

Besides searching for less popular hashtags, it’s also essential to pick hashtags that are related to your photo.

How to fix this Instagram mistake:
• use less popular hashtags (instead of using #food choose #burger)
• pick relevant hashtags
• niche down (instead of #food which is a very broad word go for #burger if you’re eating a classic burger or a #hamburger if you are, as the hashtag says, eating a hamburger)

There you have it! These were the 5 biggest Instagram mistakes I’ve seen people make (some of them I’m guilty of as well). But nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. But the main thing is to see those mistakes and learn from them. That was the point of this post.

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